Dimitris Kotronakis


Abstract Guitar, by Paul Brent The main musicological occupation of Dimitris Kotronakis was his doctorate thesis for the Faculty of Music Studies, of the University of Athens, with subject: “Greek Guitar Music of the Twentieth Century”. His supervising professor was Markos Tsetsos.

His research, that was completed on November 2014, has yielded considerable results: approximately 240 Greek composers and about 1800 musical compositions, 68 of which are concertos for guitar and orchestra.

Another important work was the assiduous research of the personal archives of Kyriakos Tzortzinakis, 18 years after his death.

Currently he is engaged on the study of Greek guitarist personalities who lived abroad, and excelled as guitarists, composers and teachers in the past, but few people know that they were of Greek origin. The Greek - Italian Michalis Avlonitis (Miguel Abloniz) (Kairo/Egypt 1917 - Aqui Terme/Italy 2001), the Greek - Italian Alexandros Chatziioanou (Alexandre Lagoya) (Alexandria/Egypt 1929 - Soisy-sous-Montmorency 1999), the Greek - American Sophocles Papas (Sopiki-Epirus/Greece 1893 - Alexandria - Virginia/USA 1986) and Andreas Paleologos (Andres Paleologo) (Istanbul 1911 - Athens 1997).

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